I’m sitting here in the great outdoors in the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina.  I did drive through Asheville, NC and it was a very nice pretty college town…but I’m beginning to realize that the reason they are nice liberal towns is because of the college aspect.  Maybe I’ve lived too often in them and so I’ve felt that the US is more liberal than it really is…with some of the things I saw in the southern parts of Virginia 😉  Anyway, the trip was pretty uneventful from Harrisonburg, VA to Deep Creek Campground in the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina.  If I hadn’t started so late because of slow Verizon people I might have stopped and done something in Asheville, but by the time I arrived it was getting dark and I decided to push on.  Course I learned the hard way that the GPS on my phone will autofill the location and if you don’t scroll to the right you might not realize it is sending you somehwere other than where you wanted to go.  So I did get a little off track late at night around here, as it tried to send me to the trailhead instead of the campground!  Luckily I realized the mistake before I hit dirt roads 😉  So by the time I got to the campground it was too dark and I was too tired to put my tent up, so I just slept in my car….uncomfortable!  It’s very pretty here, course again I’m arriving at the campground during the week and will have probably moved on before the weekend partiers arrive so also quiet.

I took a walk down the shortest trail and took some pictures, I haven’t posted any pictures here because I can’t figure out how to get WordPress to show them…I’ll have to work on that today. It is pretty hot, which is actually something I was going for.  In Shenandoah National Park, I was up pretty high so it was cooler…too cool in fact when you added in the rain 😉  So for the Smoky Mountains…I wonder if Great is actually part of their official name…any librarians?  I chose a lower elevation so it wouldn’t be so cold and rainy and better internet connection 😉  I plan to stay here for a couple of days and attempt the longer trails heading up to bigger falls then the tiny one I saw today.  I don’t think Yosemite falls have anything to fear from this place 😉  Then I plan on heading south to Atlanta Georgia and see the Georgia Aquarium.

I moved to the car with the pretense that I needed to charge the laptop…truth is the sun moved and my shade went away!  I’ll write more tonight about what I’m feeling on this last leg of the trip later tonight 🙂

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