Rocky Mountains and back into the snow!

OK I’ve been on the road a little over a month.  The purpose was to see beautiful scenery, meet up with friends, look for opportunities to protest, and last but not least look for anything that would make this all worthwhile.  I have seen beautiful scenery, met up with friends…no opportunities so far with any activism.  So what about the final one?  No idea yet.  So far I’ve run over a dead deer’s head or feet…no clue which because it was really late, really dark, and he was already dead lying in the middle of the road in New Mexico and I was going 75 miles an hour!  I’ve seen someone’s back tire blow up while they were passing me going over 75 miles per hour, that was kind of scary but they handled it well.  I experienced my first dust devil, it was a tiny bit freaky cuz it was dust so you couldn’t really see but I could sure hear the pebbles hitting my car!  I met some people teaching their child at what is sure to be a church school that god created everything in 7 days…I saw her quiz… ;(  I had a couple younger folks say they liked my Bernie Sanders t-shirt, and someone my age also.  I overheard a 20 something talking about how the dollar is trading better overseas because of Trump.  And I’ve seen lots of white middle class Americans coming to National Parks, dragging their kids with them, walking fast so as to keep themselves in shape…not really sure if they actually looked at the beauty around them.  I’ve seen older white middle class RV’s travelling across the country, I imagine it could be an enjoyable retirement.  Though I doubt there will be many more of those with the middle class shrinkage.  So yah I’ve talked to some people, did a lot of people and nature watching…and since I didn’t have TV at home when I stayed in hotels I watched TV.  And that right there scares me the most about the future of our country.  When I stayed with a friend, his friends invited us to come down and watch the finale of Survivor.  I’ve never watched that show before and I was shocked these really religious folks would love a show that basically glorifies lying and manipulation.  So no the last question has no answer at this time.
So I’m sitting here in the Rocky Mountains National Park, no internet to be found 😉  Big mountains and pine trees are my view as I write this…the mountains even have snow on the tops.  I slipped and slid through melting snow to see Bear Lake and Alberta Falls.
The idea of step in someone else’s footprints only works on the trail.  I went off trail a little to get a picture of the lake when the foot print I stepped in had melted below and my leg went in and I was standing crotch high in snow.  Luckily a tree was nearby so I could use it for leverage.  Eighth of a mile never seems that bad…until you are walking back and the easy downhill climb suddenly becomes a horrific uphill climb!
Rocky Mountains recently got hit with an invasive species of a mountain beetle that caused them to have to cut down and burn lots of trees…such a shame.  Not that the place still isn’t beautiful, just sad that the trees around look so young…probably happened recently by the size of them.  They just opened the Trail Road because of weather…it was closed all of winter and they just opened it.  They have a picture of the campground from May 23rd showing how the entire campground was covered in snow.  So tomorrow I plan on making at least part if not all of that 48 mile road, supposed to have some great views.  At it’s highest point it is almost 13,000 feet.  It is the longest, highest paved road in the United States.  Please see my Facebook to see the great pictures of the Rocky Mountains.
The views during the drive were fantastic…as you know if you looked at them over on my Facebook account 😉  The trail I wanted to hike unfortunately was snowed over and I’ve never been on skis in my life 😉  But I did climb this little hill called Rock Cut…snow was up to about the knees…boy was I out of breath at the top!  It was funny seeing all the folks wearing big heavy coats and dressed like we were crossing the Andes or something!  I was wearing a t-shirt and sweats with running shoes.  Only time I got cold was at the top of Rock Cut because that wind was blowing pretty good there and there was a storm on the horizon.
I’m writing a “rant” blog about things I’ve seen along my journey that drive me nuts 😉  Well more nuts!  I’m still working on it but I’ll try to post it soon.
Next stop is Badlands National Park in South Dakota.

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