Where have I been…


So after Pensacola Florida I drove through Alabama and Mississippi then down to New Orleans Louisiana.  That was a total wash out…it rained almost the entire time 😦  So I decided to head up and visit David Daghita who used to work with me at the library.  He was nice enough to let me crash on his cot/couch 😉 in Texarkana, Texas.  Thanks David!  So during that time I decided to take a few hour drive down south to see a town in Texas named Hemphill, that was kind of funny seeing all these buildings with my name on it 😉  Then I hit the road for Guadalupe Mountains on the west side of Texas…it was like a 12 hour drive 😦  Damn Texas is big and boring!  I ended up sleeping in my car because the campgrounds were full.


From there I went to go see Carlsbad Caverns which was fun but I didn’t realize when I said sure I’ll walk down I was agreeing to walk 800 feet down!  But I saw the whole caverns, unfortunately I took the wrong lens for my camera so the pictures weren’t great 😦

It was too early in the afternoon to stick around for the nightly bat flight….which is a shame because I’ve heard it is pretty great.  Instead I drove on across New Mexico to White Sands National Monument.  I’ve been there before and loved the feel of the cool sand on my feet so since I got there kind of late I took the sunset stroll across the sands the Park Rangers provide.  It was beautiful as well as interesting.  I learned that the white sand is cool to the touch because it is gypsum and it holds the water from below it.


After that I figured I’d head over to Las Cruces to get a hotel or something…but the pricing was too much so I figured I’d drive on up to Albuquerque.  So I ended up sleeping in my car again 😉  Had my first border check on the southern border, I don’t think they appreciated me asking “Border Patrol”?” then kind of laughing 😉  The dog sniffed my car and away I went 🙂  Albuquerque was nice, had a fantastic lunch while waiting to check into the hotel.  It was at a place called Claim Jumpers, fantastic! 🙂
I was originally going to go to the Sand Dunes in Colorado, but the campgrounds were full also, so I went on up to Rocky Mountains…boy that was one long drive!  Now let me say comparing a couple of the big cities I drove through….Dallas Texas is insane, those guys drive entitled and majorly aggressive…they will just cut in front of you with no notice!  But then I got to Denver Colorado…first off avoid interstate 25 during the week 😉  But now these drivers are entitled as well…but they must all be stoned there because they will turn on their signal to cut in front of you…then take forever to finally do it!

This was a late blog post, so I’ll be posting two tonight…next one is about my trip to the Rocky Mountains!

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