I found a love I didn’t know I had while at Yellowstone National Park, riding a horse 🙂  I did several 1 and 2 hour rides through the valley where Roosevelt Lodge is…and I learned my duck feet (where ones hips/legs are at an angle so your knees point outwards as well as your feet) are good for something…I sit on a horse very easily.  I loved it.  The first two trips they put me on a breed of horse called a Haflinger, they are short and stout as I told the horses and the wranglers just like me 😉  Then the last trip they put me on a pretty tall horse, which is the horse in this picture…


His name was Highfalutin, or Flute for short.  The other two I rode was Porky and Jim.  Porky was a blast, anxious to get going…they were all well trained to follow the path and the horse in front of them.  But Porky was in a hurry and the horse in front of us wasn’t going fast enough for Porky so he bit the horse in front and that horse then kicked us 😉  The kick barely tapped my foot so all was well 🙂  Then I rode Jim, he was very relaxed and docile and cute when I would pull the reins to stop him he’d turn his head and look at me as if to question what was I thinking!  Then my last trip was the one on Flute, and boy was it tall compared to the other two!  He had quite an attitude, though he was probably my favorite horse.  Not only did I get to have fun on the ride, he also kicked the horse behind him and jumped out of line to try to attack one of the wrangler’s horses!  Seems he had an issue with that horse.  I definitely would like to take horse riding lessons I think on my journey, too bad it isn’t something one my age could turn into a vocation 🙂


So Yellowstone was a pretty interesting place, rather more commercialized than I prefer but still a beautiful and HUGE place.  I was camped in Mammoth Campground which is in the North West of the park and barely explored the northern most parts of the park… some of the central but didn’t even get to explore the southern areas.  I would go out exploring in my car and then I’d have to take into consideration it would take almost 3 hours to get back to my camp…it was crazy!  My campsite was full of ground squirrels, they were almost as adorable as the prairie dogs 🙂  I repeat, I would never have given popcorn to a ground squirrel in a National Park…NEVER…


I also got to see elks, deer, bear and bison.  Unfortunately my camera battery was dead when I saw the baby black bear 😦  The elk was in the campground and I was a little afraid it was going to charge my car as it was staring at me in the road and started shaking her head at me 😉  Luckily it didn’t.  I’d seen bison all over, but people would stop in the road to watch them blocking traffic for everyone else 😦   Wildlife stalking I guess….  Finally on my last day I ran into the experience of the bison walking along the road blocking traffic 🙂  They walked right by my car window…was pretty cool 🙂


I had no idea that the park was basically created by volcanos underneath it…hence the thermal pools and geysers.  God did they stink!  But the blue of the water in the pools was the most amazing color.


So now I’m in Utah…was a hell of a ride getting out of Yellowstone because the storm hit and sleet was coming down like crazy…followed me all the way into Idaho!  Here was a neat picture I took while driving 80 miles an hour down highway 15 🙂  Remember I post all the pictures on my Facebook site.  I’m off to Xion or Bryce Canyon National Park next…depending which one I can get a campsite in…they are all booked up so I’m hoping I can get in with the first come/first serve thing…


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